About Us

SATIRA Data Network was formed to help everyone obtain the information not ordinarily accessible to the public. We have the capability to access hundreds of databases that house billions of records on virtually everyone in the world. Many of these databases are updated several times a day giving you the information you seek in "Real Time" rather than forcing you to wait indefinitely. Information can be retrieved on a variety of topics such as Driving Records, Criminal Records, Property Ownership, Landline/Cell Number, Utility Records, Court Records, Assets, Birth/Death Records, Vehicle Ownership, and numerous others.

The information you seek can be obtained with as little to go on as a name, and be returned back to you much better than most competitors' timeline and price-scale. Our investigators hold your confidentiality our priority, and people have no idea that anyone has ever even checked them out.

P.O. Box 294 | Burton, OH 44021 | 440-834-4037 | Toll Free 1-888-281-9267 | Fax 440-834-8801 | ralph@satiradatanetwork.com